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Yume Academy

Yume Academy for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by yangss. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood, Suggestive Themes) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.
▶What’s so special about Yume Academy?
- The game gathers resources even when you are offline!
- Over 300 girls that are different you to date!
- Beautiful anime girls voiced by famous voice actresses!
- Strategy-focused battles!
- Chat with players all around the world! Join Guilds, group battles, tournaments, etc
- A vast variety of events: Sakura Festival, Hot Spring Trips, Back to School season, Music Festivals and more!
- Intriguing and plotline that is engaging

Welcome to Yume Academy! At first glance, Yume Academy seems like an school that is ordinary students go to class, join clubs, take exams and eventually graduate. However, no-one knows how to get in! You might suddenly find yourself in front of the School Gates, wearing the uniform and preparing for your first day!
As the only student that is senior or Senpai, you will go on an adventure along with your fellow juniors to unravel the secrets of Yume Academy!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Yume Academy.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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User Reviews
I love this game but I wish if you can like decorate the main page a little to give the feeling of the event like Xmas or Halloween but still I love this game and I just gave my a opinion and keep up the good work
This game is not friendly to new players. There are way too many in game currencies. There are icons spread all over the screen, which all seem to lead to a different gacha mechanic, that also all use different currencies. Tutorials are minimal on how to get new girls and again everything is spread out among the gacha games. Unless you know what u are doing ur going to be completely lost. The anime girls are really cute but thats about it.
me as a vateren gacha seeing this game having stupid lies ads & with p2w/p2g system this game is just the same as girl x battel even the ads is the same -10/10 dont waste your time on this game.
Game actually has a story line while being the same as other idle games ... i repeat has actual story line ... ima little old for this game but I recommend it for my younger players
Not happy I ended up registering because the game claimed I had a guest account and I lost everything, about a month of progress, my lvl70 entire team of 100s, my event rewards, all because the game claims I have a new account now and I can't figure out how to get it to revert back...
Yay!!!the game is finally released..I love the game but i think you can make it better and i love the cute characters of this game too😍😍😍😍I will give you 5 stars ☆☆☆☆☆ THANKYOU❤❤❤
First, to correct a misconception. This game was NOT just made and Renamed from GirlsXBattle2 to Yume Academy to get more downloads. I know this because it has been built more stable and fluid. I could not engage in any battles any longer in GirlsXbattle2 due to crashing. Yet, this game has solved that issue. Also this game has alot going for it. I just wish they would lay off the Judeo/Christian religious parodys like using names key Biblical figures as character names. Otherwise... Fun Game.
It does work better and looks a bit nicer but kinda shady to have 2 different apps being the same game. Pretty sure thats against ToS
I would have to say that I personally enjoyed the game and I think it has the potential to become a really popular game. Keep up the great work!
I like this game all the way but the more i play the more storage it takes on my phone so far its in the KB ranges witch is more then MB or GB
I love this game but I have a problem... well ya see I went to play the game today thinking it was fine but then I relied I lost all of my progress because I logged in and before I was using a guest acc so please help I spent so much time in the game and I don't want to just lose it all .v.
Easy and fun for the first 40 levels. Gets harder and harder. Now I'm level 80, and all I can do is the Daily Tasks.
This is a pure copy og Girl x Battle 2. I'm just saying thievery isn't something to be supported mates.
I see the difference between this and gxb2. It is more smoother so I'm more prefer to play this I don't care if I start again.
The game is good but It needs more content more stuff to do. More Low level content more reward quest. those kind of things
Aye yo everyone, So , I was one of the first ones to install it Even though the review its later on Anyways , Its super amazing and imma do a gaiming vid on it for first part Second I was pre-installed user that wanted the game. Third and last its AMAZING , it literary cured my depression from college Ty for making this anime game awesome and calming. Much update supports for the creators. Thank you creators for responding to this review , Still good and good game !
I like this game but theres a bug. Im stuck on test 196 cause it just wont load, its always stuck at 196. Restart my phone, clear cash but nothing helps.
For me i never really enjoyed any type of anime gane but one day i was scrolling saw this i was like ill give it a go and it got surpringly grindy and i like that i also like how its nit like clash if clans where you have to wait like a week just to upgrade a building keep up the great work
Straight up a copy of another game already on the market. Within moments of opening the game, I have already found exact copy of characters, displays and just the whole system itself. Pretty sad with new games these days.. can't be original.
I love it but some things are confuseing Af but good game download its idle so if u dont play it its not so bad
I really like this app and I'm happy to have it, but why I give only 4 stars? I recommended this game to my friend and she replied to me that it's only for Androids and not for iOS, I would be really happy, if u make this app to be able for iOS too, thanks for responding.
this game is an exact copy-paste of "girlsxbattle2" made only to cash in some more money and milk randoms, if u dont trust me search for girls x battle 2 and check it out
Edited review : the game stability has been improved compared to when I last played GxB2 half an year ago..I feel it is worth to start over again..would love it if 5* elite girls had live 2d interactive movements and dialogues that match the movements
I didn't think I would end up enjoying this game, but I did. I lost access to my account briefly due to some weird bug and the gms did a great job in helping me regain access.
During the Exclusive Task, I've been trying to make the offer to obtain Javelin but it never accepts and the event ends soon. Is there a bug issue? Some way to resolve this soon would be grand.
My oh my, that was an inappropriate advert, there's no way you didn't know what you were doing with THAT one, sure nothing explicit, but the implications. You're disgusting and I hope this actually reaches your team, there are children on this platform and that's not what they need to see. I downloaded this app solely to say that to you.
i really love it, it's been a month and I'm not tired of it, I hope there will be a cute update for Christmas with good gifts and girls to get!!
It is Girls X Battle 2. New interface, old characters and login account. Remember it is Pay for Victory game. Developers add some new pay skins (for recharge style players) and rebalance some automatic battle rewards (more helpless item now drop, needed items mostly for payment now). It is try reborn rip game, but not success (veteran players know about it and uninstall app already, new players now know after this post). Good example balanced (free/pay) scheme: Kings Raid, GrandChase.
Game was going fine paid for one of the 5 dollar packs and when I was trying to make a purchase in the in game store for character shards it registered as me spending christals on slot tickets that I can't even use yet because I'm only lvl 6
It's an idle game with cute anime girls...that's it. Nothing wrong with that, but it's not terribly special.
Deleted my review.. Go play girls x battle instead.. Its all the same characters and a better version of this. This game is slower and more boring compared to that one.
It amazing game don't get me wrong but the price are pretty high and my game glitched so I didn't get my reward
After a week of playing I can confirm many things you want to hear. Is the gacha expensive? Cost per yes, however taking into consideration their generosity you will make many draws no problem. P2P and F2P. 4* only because battle graphics could be better. Maybe ease up a little on the requirements to graduate a unit. Otherwise good game thank you!
I'm not saying its bad but this is full on Girls X Battle 2 like you full on just copied the game! >:(
This is one of the best games I have ever played story is amazing the characters are amazing the animations and the best of all are the chances of getting the cool characters are really high and no ads this game is amazing 10/10
Well, this game is still bugged I can't remove some of the characters I don't want, but I believe that this game can be better if it was worked on better.
The game is looking great so far, but it is too similar to Girls x Battle 2: the background song, the summoning system and the menu. Some of the characters are too. Please, could you change it up so that it will be different from girls x battle 2?
Literally Girls X Battle 2, did things there, before downloading this, made same progress, I don't see the point of having done this tbh, it's the same game just different name.
Overall i love this game awsome graphiks lots of good people play this game the carecters are awsome and i love the campain.every time i play this game theirs lots to do and its really easy to lvl up Five stars for one of my fav games.
Horrible games not working right, got up to level 70 a screen with 3 little creatures and a little fox girl telling me to use shards I can't tap anything or go any farther I am completely locked out going to give it five days to fix my accounts or I will uninstall
Dia developers I have a slight glitch everytime I try to do summon tutorial it glitches out and only chose the I can not click on the button can you please fix that
The storyline is very good and will easily catch your eye and the graphics are awesome and the controls and menu are easy to get used to.
Great easy game but why not a 5 star review it because at a point of the game, I am unable to auto select the gear for my party for some reason
This app is great. Its bring me back the memory when I used to watch anime. Anyways it's great I enjoyed a lot.
It's fine, just, pay to win of course and some units are ridiculously strong, forcing you to get them or else you suck a*s, but everything else is fun, just don't use the chat function much either, people is toxic as usual lol no more than that, luck is fine, just hope to get a repeated elite units so you won't be stuck at 5 stars forever, again, pay to win, if you are not willing to pay lots just leave it, there are better games with better prices I can say, thank you for reading (to people).
This game has been amazing. Even though the battle is an auto battle, I still get great rewards from it. It be nice if you were able to battle yourself
So far, the game is great, it offers many rewards and items that you could get without spending real money, though I would recommend that the developers could let beginning players to play two story lines at the same time, because having to wait for your level to increase in order to play another chapter of the one story may somehow dispense boredom. Nonetheless, it is still great at allowing players to feel excited every time they access the game.
I change my mind i used to have to delete the game and reinstall it bc while starting the game i wouldnt get the tap to start so it did it again and now i cant reinstal
Bruh it's basically a copy of idle heros. I thought it would be fun and it is fun just a copy of another game
It's amazing I've only been playing for a little bit but it's amazing.theres barely any ads.i got a five star or more girl.its amazing trust me pls.🥰
Lol its just girl x battle 2 why make 2 games the same ? I still personally like girl x battle 2 over this one. Only thing different is the name
It's a pretty good to rpg and the graphics are too good, I also like when something goes wrong it resets it's game.
Well i already have girls x battle 2 and this game is like a copy of that plus the orginal creator has also the first x battle game and the detch langauge verson of it i like how it tranfered my data tho but still
The game is GXB 2 with some changes, the thing is, why? It would have been easy if you said at least in the description that this GXB 2 but with some changes, you can add a message in the start of the game saying it. All I see is the game dying because of this misunderstanding and I don't understand why re-releasing GXB 2 with a different developer. Well, the good thing is that is good like the original GXB 2, but now you have to grind.
This game i thought was gonna be pay to win. Some of it is but ive gotten quite far without spending any money at all! The people too are pretty nice. The one thing i dont like is that rate for some girls. I never have gotten the ones i wanted from my time playing!!
Very nice game....I love it....The character,story and skill effect are so good.......I recommend this game to my friends and they like this game too.....
I will explain what this game is. First there was 'Battle x Girls'. A gacha game to make money fast. But the developers changed it and made 'Battle x Girls 2'. This game was made to make even more money. But these games die after a while once people just don't care anymore. This developer got 'Battle x Girls 2' and renamed it Yume Academy. This game is exactly Battle x Girls 2. Just a different name. This game is only to make money and not to make a good game. 5 stars so people see this.
Will have a better idea of the game is when I get to play it have been trying for some time but this is the first time I can't get the game on. Sure do want to play. The loading gets to about 80 percent and stopped. Over and over and over. Is this normal?
This game is awful. Using girls as objects. Trading and using them to fight like Pokemon cards. I guess it's cool for some pervs, but not enjoyable.
I may improve my opinion on the game if I keep playing, But the ad said it would be like episode but anime. Its really not. The whole first tutorial is how to battle. I wanted to get making choices, not to fight. If u would like to fight, I recommend this game OR RAID: shadow legends. Its an awesome game. If u would like to make choices I don't know if I would recommend this app. Its not what I was hoping when the add had all these choices and it had drama. But the concept is pretty cool I guess
Best game in 2020-2021, well... i just move to SD card (i no have so much space in storage.) Game data was downloading to system folder in internal storage.😭 Update please that!
I just realized that this game is the same exact thing as girls x battle 2 different companies but same exact game and girls x battle 2 has way way better graphics
This is a very good game. I like the fighting in it, it's very cool. But now when I try to play, it stops at a point every time and says download version file 1.2.14. I don't know why it stops there, but now I can't play anymore.
Its good i berly started playing and theirs glitches in the game i got logged out idk i think i used it for so long but i used it for 45 mins bugs
Ok I have decided to change my review from 5 stars to 1 because you can't play with friends I was going to invite my friend to my guild but we were not in the same server so I was just going to switch my server but it won't save my progress so what's the point of a guild if I can only invite strangers or in game friend's this is really dumb and I bet you won't even see my review and try to fix it it will just be a bot that will say "thanks for the review we will try to fix it"
Bad. I can't even login is says theres an error. I didn't even get time to creat an account and i can't even get passed the freaking login page. I'm unistalling. Bye bye.
This game is good but it's a little laggy, music can be worked on and capsule system doesn't make me go "Wow this is so exciting , I don't know what I'm going to get !" Instead it makes me go "wow , I guess that's nice ?" .I hope my review wasn't that harsh but I think maybe look at what needs to be worked on then compare it to other gacha + rpg kinda games (eg Arknights or Fate GO ).
This is Girls X Battle 2 with slightly different graphical changes. What the hell? It literally logged me into my account from GXB2 upon opening. Why publish it twice?!
LOVE THIS GAME! It's really a pretty good game. The only thing I hope for in the future that the graduation system becomes a little easier to use
It's a pay to win yesh, but i haven't bought anything yet and i'm enjoying it so far. You won't be better thab the ones who pay but it's still fun tho
after attempting to log in for the last 2 days, I dunno how or why this is now no longer working. though i keep receiving push messages from it
It is so good I love it in fact I'm keeping it on my phone these people are so nice they give stuff to you when there is a bug I say play this game you won't regret it trust me I almost regretted it when I started not only that but you can love you own avtor like hexa you can even marrie the characters that you get upgrade and flix your power show is best to be honest she your love to these creators and also be nice to the people in game they were help you on the way yume academy for life.
So this is the exact same game as Girls X Battle 2 with some minor UI changes. As in this game has my account from that game and everything. What exactly is this?