Star Wars Force Collection for PC

New Players! Complete the TutorialPrologue and get 1 free draw from the Premium Card Pack!!
Here is what the critics are saying: 148apps - 4/5 rating; Gamezebo - 4/5 rating; Modojo - “it's a must for both fans of the series and card-collecting enthusiasts.”

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User reviews

  • jeff lockaby
    jeff lockaby

    There are a lot of nice 3* cards just sitting in my binder that are useless against proper evo 4* an base 5*. Consider having 3* exclusive formation battles so that some of those anikins an Luke's don't just sit around and look pretty. Some added formation slots would be nice also. An to add to your "auto-formation" consider the option of dark side auto build or force auto build formation. Just some ideas. Thanks.

  • Tony Magallan
    Tony Magallan

    Love it Love this app I like the star wars movies and games like star wars battlefront 1&2,republic commando all those good star wars games and this one is just great I get to use my favorite characters to work together as one just love it

  • Jennifer Kabasan
    Jennifer Kabasan

    This game is all consuming... I forget what life outside this game feels like...

  • Brian Westmoreland
    Brian Westmoreland

    Very frustrating Reconncts over and over, its a good game tho. but it is kinda expensive to compete

  • Brandon Arehart
    Brandon Arehart

    Boosted card packs I know they took out alot of the bad cards from crystal packs but when it comes to boosted ones they need to do the same the higher it boosts the more bad 3&4* cards should be taken away aswell.... ever got a bib fortuna on a boosted by 5 I have and that was the best one..... so I give this game the same rate as my best boosted by 5 pack.

  • Karsten Treu
    Karsten Treu

    Obsessed Got it just to see if it was any fun this summer, now I can't pull away. Most fun multiplayer app game I've ever played. Requires some skill and a little luck but it's surprisingly deep and the developers keep fresh content coming!

  • nelson menendez
    nelson menendez

    Good but... I hate the interface between one menu and another, also it's almost imposible to win 5* cards if you don't put some money in it, there are some cards that are just junk!, it's a fun game though.

  • Tim P
    Tim P

    Server speed/response frequently slow. Mobile data hog. Constantly plagued by sloooow server response. We get an awful loading circle far too often, especially during poorly coded/planned events. It really interrupts the flow of the game. It uses much more mobile data than the average app, even with casual play. The addition of Legions was the best update, but something is wrong with prescribing battle times. Needs easier ally alert/chat setup.

  • Meredith Cazares
    Meredith Cazares

    NOT a game for an Android user: server problems, slow loading, and freezing This game is terrible for android tablet users. The game freezes multiple times after battles and during questing. "Logging-in" is a pain with constant internet connection messages, when there is clear internet available. When doing anything in the home menu, the game freezes and has the slowest loading screen since Guitar Hero World tour and Sonic '06!! After certain battles, the screen freezes and black screens. And don't get me started on the memory this game takes up along with the RAM needed for it to work.This is a terrible update for this game, especially since its really fun and addicting. If your an android tablet/phone/or whatever, user, I recommend that you DO NOT get this game until the admins or creators decide to fix these issues for androids.

  • Dennis Nelms
    Dennis Nelms

    Server issues This is a great and addictive game and they are always coming up with great ideas for events. The only issue that prevents me from giving 5 stars is the server issues. I can have great Internet connection and randomly the game will have trouble connecting to the server and I'll have to force stop and restart the app. Another server problem is during the latest legions at War event, there would be several "emergency server maintenance" that would prevent you from playing the game during a timed event.

Download Star Wars Force Collection for Computer

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Star Wars Force Collection.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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Star Wars Force Collection Download